Some reasons why your Wedding Reception needs a photo booth.

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Written by Ian Wagner

Ian Wagner is an experienced DJ and Master of Ceremonies from Melbourne, Australia. During his long career, he has DJ'd in nightclubs all along the east coast of Australia and further afield in Hong Kong, China, Thailand & Taiwan. He entered the photo booth business in 2015 when he purchased Glam Photobooths which was established in 2012.


Let’s start with a little about myself and my entry into the photo booth biz.

​Like many, I came to be in the photo booth business through a connected industry. As a Dj with many years experience; I consider there to be no dance floor that I couldn’t conquer…
That was until I was taught some humility by the rise of the photo booth!

I was Djing & MCing a wedding at a venue on the Mornington Peninsula. To tell you the truth it was a bit of a mess. The venue had double booked my clients and had re-located the reception to another building which was a less than perfect space for a Wedding Reception. It was a beehive with lots of oddly shaped connecting rooms on different levels. So there I am playing background music to a wall and a brand new but somewhat empty dance floor. “Where is everybody?” As I make my way through the beehive towards the foyer (radio mic in hand), I see the end of a long line of people waiting to use the photo booth. [LIGHTBULB MOMENT] “Wow! I gotta get me one of these!”

This is me.

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Where do all the Photoboothers come from?

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​So, why is a photo booth such a must-have

By far the #1 reason for having a photo booth at your Wedding Reception would be the entertainment it brings to you and your guests. I’m sure there’s some boffin-type research material I could insert here to explain the lure of the photo booth and why they’re so popular. But the fact that there’s almost always a queue of excited peeps eagerly waiting their turn to use the booth is explanation enough.


Your wedding day is one of the most important events in your life. Why wouldn’t you want to capture every possible moment? Having a photo booth will ensure you capture more love, more laughs and more great memories from your special day.

One of the coolest things about having a photo booth is that your memories aren’t locked away in someone’s smartphone. They’re instantly printed onto high-quality paper that will withstand the test of time. Most photo booths will print 2 copies of the photo strips. One for your guests to keep and one to be placed in an album or guest book. Just think of how awesome it’s going to be when you and your new Boo sit down the next day and go through the album together. You’ll go back to it again and again while you’re waiting for your professional photos to arrive.
Glam Photobooths Just Married Do Not Disturb

Having a photo booth really is a wonderful addition to your special day/night. It escalates the fun to a whole new level. Think of it as the ultimate gift you can bestow upon your family & friends. You will, in turn, reap the rewards of having a thoroughly entertaining visual record of your Wedding Reception.

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