The Classic Photo Booth – Let’s Go Back To The Beginning

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Let’s Go Back To The Beginning:

In 1925, A Russian immigrant by the name of Anatol Josepho built the first coin-operated photo booth. Although similar devices existed at or around the same time it was Joespho who patented it and brought the classic photo booth to the masses. Known then as the “Photomaton”, it charged twenty-five cents for a strip of eight photos that were developed in eight minutes. It had 2 attendants. One for maintenance & another for crowd control. One of the most interesting aspects of the Photomaton was the method of direct photography onto specially sensitised paper.

Should you want to read a more in-depth account of how the Classic Photo Booth came to be; Here’s a great link:

Newspaper article about Anatol Josepho & the invention of the Photomaton Photobooth.

Moving Forward:

The Classic Photo Booth has always been around in one form or another. When I was growing up in the 1980s, I remember seeing them at most shopping centers and at amusement parks. Very few still survive today. The good news is that you can still experience the real deal. There has been a Classic Photo Booth located at Melbourne’s Flinders Street Station since the early sixties.

A Classic Photo Booth at Flinders Street Station

Recent History:

In recent years the Classic Photo Booth has had quite a resurgence in popularity as an extra form of entertainment at a corporate event, birthday party or wedding reception. According to my friends in the industry, this resurgence was kicked off in 2007 by a few clever entrepreneurs. Within a couple of years, the Photo Booth phenomenon was gaining momentum and well and truly exploded by around 2014/2015.

Red Robot Classic Photo Booths:

When it comes to traditional walk-in photo booths, these Classic Photo Booths are our weapon of choice. They’re strong, reliable and really look the genuine article. Red Robot Industries won numerous business & design awards and they well and truly hit it out of the park with this one. The very clever thing about this booth is that it partially disassembles and folds in on itself for easier transport. It’s fair to say that compared to most photo booths it’s a behemoth to bump in and set up, but once set up, they take less space to operate compared to many open-air booth & backdrop combinations. There is no annoying curtain that looks like the emergency ward. There is no fixed bench seat so you can squeeze more guests in. Picture quality is awesome due to the onboard 18 Megapixel camera, studio lighting & twin flash heads. And varying lighting conditions are rarely a problem due to the very nature of the enclosed booth. Red Robot has recently joined forces with Fotomaster. For more info:


Red Robot Classic Photobooths - A game-changer for the photo booth industry.

Always a Classic:

Having a photo booth can be a wonderful way to create lasting memories from your event and help ensure everyone has a great time. But with technology driving the photo booth industry in so many different directions, it can be difficult to know what type of photo booth to go with.

Sometimes it’s best to just stick to the classics.

For more info on our Classic Photo Booth Packages, Why not check out the Classic Photobooths Page.


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