Glam Photobooths at Stones of the Yarra Valley

Glam Photobooths photo strip collage with logo

Written by Ian Wagner

Ian Wagner is an experienced DJ and Master of Ceremonies from Melbourne, Australia. During his long career, he has DJ'd in nightclubs all along the east coast of Australia and further afield in Hong Kong, China, Thailand & Taiwan. He entered the photo booth business in 2015 when he purchased Glam Photobooths which was established in 2012.


Glam Photobooths Wedding reception at Stones of the Yarra Valley

Tonight’s Photobooth gig for Rease & Stephanie is out at the gorgeous Stones of the Yarra Valley. Normally I’d be posting pics of people enjoying our booth, but this venue is so beautiful it deserves all the attention. Fantastic surroundings, service & food. 5 Stars

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